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FlyJetco is a company dedicated to the purchase, sale, management and logistics of private aircrafts. Our team follows an outside-the-box approach to put our clients’ goals first as we analyze all the options available to them. We protect and maintain their interests at every step of the way.


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We believe technology is the key to the next generation of aircraft sales and have invested heavily in our proprietary software. FlyJetco tracks all the factors involved in valuing jet aircraft. This new technology approach allows us to evaluate potential aircraft at every stage of their development.


FlyJetco understands that owning an aircraft is a serious investment that comes with considerable responsibilities. When you choose us to support the operation of your aircraft, you gain a range of services focused on safety, service, and savings. You can simply enjoy the benefits of your investment with our focus on management, as well as our flexibility, convenience, and reliability.

Charter Management

FlyJetco has established relationships with several part-135 operators in order to provide solutions for our clients when they decide to offset operating costs by chartering their aircraft when not in use. We ensure all aircraft are treated and operated to the highest standards of safety and efficiency. After each flight, we verify the aircraft is in the same condition as when it departed and review monthly invoicing and expenses on the owner’s behalf.


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